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March 25, 2020

Dear Parents,

The specials team has put together some resources that we feel will help your child during the time that we are away from school. Below you will find the suggestions, resources, and our contact information. Please let us know if you have any questions.


If you are looking for some fun activities that do not require screen time, here are my suggestions.

  • Interviews:   Have students interview family members about their musical backgrounds and interests. What is their favorite song right now and why? What instruments do they play? What does music mean to them? Who are their favorite artists? Students can record the responses they get and also answer the questions themselves.

  • Instrument invention: Have students invent a new instrument. They could draw a picture of it and describe how it is played, how it is constructed, and what it sounds like, or they could make one out of recycled materials.

  • Hand-washing dance choreography: Have students choreograph a short dance routine incorporating the different ways we’re recommended to wash our hands (scrubbing nails, between fingers, ets).

  • Listening log: Have students write down music that they hear each day. Depending on the age, they can also record information about the songs, like the title/artist, genre, mood, time signature, tempo, instrumentation, etc., or they could draw a picture in response to the music.

  • Singing log: Have students write down songs that they sing each day. They can sing along with a recording, sing by themselves, or sing with their family. 

  • Soundtrack of my life: Have students create an imaginary album that shows who they are. They can make a list of song titles and for each song describe the music- this could be done either by asking students to come up with their own imaginary songs or by having students find existing songs that would describe aspects of their personality/life. Students could also design an album cover to go with it, write liner notes, etc.

  • Instrumental / choral practice: Of course if students have sheet music for choir songs, instrumental method books, recorder music, etc, then they can practice their music! Students can always find music to practice and maintain online. 

Let me also give you a few ideas that are not quite so detailed.

  • Jump rope rhymes

  • Hand clapping games with brothers and sisters

  • Create an instrument

  • Design a drum set with kitchen supplies

  • Build a box guitar

  • A singing puppet show (make the puppets)

  • Read a picture book with your singing voice

  • Sing your favorite song with a family member

  • Go on a nature hike and listen for sounds

  • Sing the abc’s while keeping a steady beat                                                                                                                                                          


YouTube - Christopher Hart :

Multiple Lessons for all age levels

Incredible Art Department:

Multiple Lessons available - listed by Categories

The Virtual Instructor:

Multiple Free Lessons available - along with membership option for serious students

Virtual Museum Field Trips:

12 Museums from Around the World

PBS Kids:

Smart School House:

Smithsonian Learning Lab:

Ideas for projects based of virtual tours:

Aquariums and Zoos:

  • Draw the animals from virtual aquarium and zoo sites.

  • Paper bag story animals… example Watch the sea turtles at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Cut out a turtle full body shape using a paper bag. Cut out a shell to fit on your turtle with a tab at the top. Cut a small slit into the top of the turtle where the tab of the shell will fit. Write your story under the shell. Decorate your turtle. Can be done for any animal - such as Panda Bear with a belly that lifts for the story. 

  • Egg carton jellyfish… Watch the jellyfish at the Georgia Aquarium. Cut individual cups out of an egg carton. Using an inkpen (depending on age - parent may assist) poke several holes in the top of the egg cup. You can color the egg cup with paints or crayons - cardboard cartons work best.  Cut various lengths of yarn. Insert the yarn into the top of the cut - letting the lengths of yarn dangle down from inside the cup. 

Museum tours:

  • Take a tour through one of the museums and choose a favorite work of art to recreate.

  • Create an EyeSpy game with siblings/parents while touring museums.

  • Make a list of how many paintings are of flowers/animals/woman with babies/etc…

  • Create a scavenger hunt … example: Find a: Man in a Black Hat, Dog sitting on a chair, Dancers in studio, Statue of Ballerina…. 

Physical Education:


Go Noodle:


One of the best things that we can do right now is to get outside when you can.  It is good for you and your kids! Take a walk, ride a bike, kick a ball, walk the dog.  Getting 60 minutes of exercise is good for all of us. It is a mood booster which we all could use right now.

Please feel free to contact your teacher with any questions you may have, their contact information is found below. At this time we are still not allowed in the building, we will let you know when/if this changes. Please look for updates on the MCC APP. The schedule for meals provided by MCC is also found on the APP. 

Stay safe and healthy!