School Bus

Dear MCC School Family,

The final pieces of our Return to School Plan are being worked out.  The plan has been, and is continuing to be, developed in collaboration with our neighboring school districts, area agencies, and our dedicated Mason County Central Staff.

Information Coming...

In the coming weeks, we will be sending out more and more information in small batches so as to not overwhelm you with the magnitude of details that have been developed and getting ready for implementation.  

For example, early next week,  our technology committee will be ready to send out detailed information on how the Spartan Connected (Learn from Home) program will work at the elementary and secondary levels.  We will follow later with specifics on bus protocols, healthy & safe classroom/building protocols, food service, and more...

Having said that, I am sure many of you are waiting for some more information before finalizing the decision that best fits your family's needs and comfort.  Please reach out to your child's principal with specific questions you might have.  We meet regularly to see what those hot button questions are and can get those answered individually over the phone or email... and collectively with this app and our district website.


One such question that has come up often is our plan for face masks while in school.  Our plan will follow the required guidelines in the Return to School Road Map.  For Kindergarten through 5th graders, our students will only have to wear masks in commons areas such as hallways and on the bus.  In the classroom, they will not be required to wear them.  For our 6th through 12th graders it is required that they wear them at all times... while in phase 4 (where our region is currently).  When we move to phase 5, they will not be required.  Let's hope we get to phase 5 soon.  And of course, if a student has a medical condition that does not allow them to tolerate a face covering, all they need is documentation from a medical professional.

Survey Reminder...

For those that have already decided and have  not had a chance to complete the Return to School Survey, just click here to access the survey.  We are using this information to put our building schedules together and assign our staff to where our student needs are.

Building Level Communications and Back to School Nights?

In a normal school year, our principals and staff would be sending out building level communications and "save the dates" for Back to School Nights.  Well, this isn't a normal start to a school year and we will have to be creative with how we navigate our back to school nights and student orientations to new buildings.  It is likely the information will be coming in a virtual format.  But please be patient as we are working out those details right now.  Trust me, the principals have not forgotten about you.

Stay tuned as more information is forthcoming...

Stay Healthy and Strong Spartan Family!!