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MCC Family,

In this newsletter, I will discuss updates for all students and families.  Then, I will give the information for the graduation commencement ceremony for the Class of 2020.  Please know that all of the administration and teachers at MCC are working very hard on all aspects of education and school events.  This is new to the staff, too. We are doing our best to provide all of this to the best of our ability while still keeping school personnel safe and students safe and following the stay home, stay safe order.  

Student engagement is still important.  Students are getting credit for their classes in the third trimester.  However, if you do not engage in classes and with your teachers you run the risk of feeling lost or behind when we resume in the fall.  Teachers are providing curriculum and are engaging students to make sure they are getting necessary material through the end of the school year, June 5th.  

If you need a work permit for summer employment, MCC has the ability to issue work permits. The rules for issuing work permits has been temporarily relaxed and allows us to issue them through electronic means.  We have updated the HS webpage with information and PDFs of the forms for students to print.  The link is on both the HS banner and in the drop-down menu under "Helpful Links".

There have been a lot of questions about dropping off school materials and also picking up materials.  We will have information on this in the next newsletter.  Please stay patient.  We are also in the process of doing the student council awards and H.G. Bacon senior plaque awards.  I will have more information on those in the very near future as well.  

On to graduation.  The graduation ceremony will be a drive-in theater style graduation on Friday, June 5th at 7 pm.  This will take place in the parking lot of the high school.  The format of graduation will be mostly the same with the exception of we cannot have the band play due to not being able to gather.  94.9FM will be broadcasting the ceremony live so that you can hear it on your car radio.  We ask parents and siblings to attend with graduates in their car.  There still will be welcome speeches and a class address by our senior class officers.  Mr. Mount will still speak and students will approach the stage in a socially distant and safe manner to get their diploma. Mrs. Vidak will still announce scholarships and college or military plans for the future of our seniors.  In a future newsletter, I will show the exact order and format of graduation so you are prepared.  Please keep an eye out for that and save this date of Friday, June 5th at 7 pm.  In the case of inclement weather, we will use Friday, June 12th as a makeup date, also at 

7 pm.  

We have looked at numerous methods of a commencement ceremony and have talked to dozens of schools all over the area and state of Michigan.  We know that this method is not perfect but it is a way for the seniors to get a graduation commencement that is safe, meaningful, and close to traditional.  The whole COVID-19 situation is not fair to the class of 2020.  We are trying to make this as good of a situation as we can with things like Be the Light, yard signs, and other tributes that are on the way.  We know that this method is not as satisfactory as normal, traditional graduation, but we hope that you will understand that we are tasked with keeping people safe and trying to provide a good commencement for you.  Have fun with this.  Decorate your car and display the joy and pride you have in being a graduate of Mason County Central.  We are proud of how you are handling this situation and that you are soon going to be graduating and heading off to your next level of education or to the ever-important workforce.

Stay safe and healthy, Spartans!

Jeffrey A. Tuka, Principal

Mason County Central High School