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MCC Family,

This week, on Wednesday, October 14th our students will be taking the SAT and the PSAT.  Seniors will take the SAT as it was not administered in the spring of 2020 due to the COVID-19 shutdown.  Students will be exempt from dual enrollment and CTE classes on this day.  Also, students may leave at lunch, 12:23pm, if they have a call into the office from a parent, a signed note from a parent or an email to our office staff from a parent.  The SAT for seniors will last until about 1:00pm and they will be able to leave at that time.  You can call, email or send in the note anytime between now and Wednesday.  If you have a Spartan Connected learn from home student, please contact the office to let us know that they desire to take the test.  Those students should be at the high school at 8:15am on Wednesday and they are to stop into the office to learn what room they will be testing in.

Unfortunately, the HG Bacon awards that were supposed to be held this evening (Monday, October 12th) have been postponed.  We will be taking the yearbook and media photos for the award winners at some point this school year.  More updates on this will be coming in the future.  Congratulations to all of the HG Bacon Award winners!

Also, as mentioned in an earlier newsletter, MCC’s Homecoming is postponed until the winter season.  Our hope is to have a full homecoming/spirit week for our student body at that time.  If we are still unable to have the dance and our class competitions, we still will have spirit week days with a theme and hall decorations and electing a court.  We really appreciate your patience on this knowing that we want the best experience for our students that is possible.  

Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, October 21st.  Since we cannot meet in person, our teachers will respond to your emails and phone calls during that week and will also reach out to you if your child is struggling in a class.  Teachers will be in the building, at their desks from 3:30pm-6:30pm on that day.  If you would like to call or email, you can all week long.  However, the biggest chunk of time that the teachers will be available will be during those three hours.  If teachers are delayed in responding to you, we promise that you will get a response by the end of that week.  Again, this is different and we appreciate your patience and flexibility. 

Our chapter of the National Honor Society is hosting a blood drive through Versity this Friday.  All spots to donate have been taken up.  This is a testament to the honorable and giving community that we live in.  We do have a winter and spring blood drive as well.  Please consider donating during those drives as well!  

Please know that we as a staff are doing our absolute best to keep your children safe.  This would either be by our fire, shelter in place and lockdown drills or the state mandated COVID-19 precautions.  Our students have been doing a good job with these precautions as well.  

We at MCC thank parents for your patience and flexibility during this unique start to the school year.  Please keep watching the MCC app for updates and also our Twitter feed @MCCSpartans1. 

Stay safe and healthy, Spartans!

Jeffrey A. Tuka, Principal

Mason County Central High School