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MCC Parents and Students,

As of today, Friday, November, 20th we are at the last day of classes before our exam week.  Because we are in a remote learning situation, exams are going to be different than normal and also with variety.  We are trying to be as flexible as possible with students because of our current situation.  Some exams will be online and timed.  Some will be optional and some will now be final projects or assignments instead of a traditional exam.  It is our goal to assess learning over the course of the trimester but also be fair to students in a unique situation of remote learning.  Here is the exam schedule for next week:

Monday, Nov. 23

1st hour- Normal

2nd hour-Normal

3rd hour- Exam Review   



4th hour- Exam Review

5th hour- Exam Review

***All CTE Classes must be attended as normal

Tuesday, Nov. 24

8:25am-9:55am   3rd hour Exam

10:00am-11:30am 4th hour Exam

11:30am-12:05pm- Lunch 

12:05pm-1:35 pm-5th hour Exam

1:40pm-2:25pm- 1st hour Review

2:30pm-3:13pm-  2nd hour Review

***No CTE Classes 

Wednesday, Nov. 25

8:25am-10:00am  1st hour Exam

10:05am-11:30am -2nd hour Exam

***A.M. CTE classes must be attended at normal

For the Thanksgiving holiday long weekend, we will not be in session on November 26 and 27.  The 2nd Trimester begins on Monday, November 30th.  That means that the 2nd trimester will begin remotely.  As of right now, we are supposed to resume in-person learning on December 9th.  It is going to be different starting a trimester remotely as the students will have some new classes and teachers.  Students should have paper schedules as their advisors handed them out to students before we left face-to-face school on Tuesday, Nov. 18.  Students also were given their PowerSchool login information to see their schedules for the 2nd trimester.  

Students need to make sure that they are in their Google Classroom meetings and also doing the assignments in their Google Classrooms.  Attendance for classes and advisory is not optional.  Also, it is important to remember that you must do these assignments and exams in order to keep your grades up and gain credit. Grades are not frozen and will move up and down based on the factors of online attendance, assignment completion, and performance on tests and exams.  

The staff at MCC would like to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving.  We also want everyone to be safe as COVID-19 has not subsided.  Please practice good health habits and follow mitigations to keep you and others safe during this tough time.  We really want to get kids back in our school as soon as possible.  All of us doing our part is very important right now.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Stay safe and healthy, Spartans!

Jeffrey A. Tuka, Principal

Mason County Central High School