Spartan Connected - Scottville Elementary

                                                 Spartan Connected - Scottville Elementary

We understand many of our parents that have chosen our Spartan Connected option want a consistent daily schedule for their child. We’re recommending families follow this schedule starting promptly at 8:30 each morning. However, we know a morning learning schedule doesn’t work for everyone depending on work schedules. We’ve designed a flexible model that combines teacher taught lessons, real-time interaction between teacher and students along with opportunities for students to interact with each other, daily teacher accessibility and uploaded content so students can learn at their own pace.

This model is designed for students that choose remote learning while we are in Phase 4. If we are placed back in Phase 3, all K-2 students will follow this model of learning. 

Accountability will be a fundamental part of our children’s learning with this model and solid expectations will be set. There will exist a solid set of expectations for students and parents to follow so learning can take place through Google Classroom. 

Here is what you can expect each day from the K-2 Spartan Connected model: 

8:30 - 9:00: Morning check-in with the teacher and classmates via Google Hangout.

1 - 2.5 hrs: Uploaded teacher taught lessons and/or instruction videos with time to complete   

assignments that will be turned in (this allows for students to work at their own pace but gives families an estimate of the time they should set aside each day).

20-30 min: One-on-one/small group (student specific) remote interventions are possible if needed (# of days per week determined by teacher and scheduled with parent)

***The Google Hangout will be open throughout the morning each day so parents or students can jump back in to ask questions about the uploaded lessons taught by our teachers and any additional instructional videos they’ve included. Outside of the normal school timeframe, parents will need to set up a communication method with the teacher in case they need support (i.e email).

***All lessons, instructional videos and assignments will be accessible anytime after they’re initially posted to meet family schedules but there will be assignment deadlines just as there are in a traditional school setting.

***Mrs. Greiner, our Student Success Specialist, will be available daily. Families can connect her via phone or in a Google Hangout if support is needed. 

***Specials would not be offered to K-2 Spartan Connected students in Phase 4.

***K-5 students that choose our Spartan Connected model but have connectivity issues will have access to the same content as those with wifi connectivity. They will receive a Chromebook with all content downloaded onto it, one week at a time. Each week they will need to return it to school so we can retrieve student work and reload content for the next week. 

***Spartan Connected students may check out a chromebook if they need a device while learning remotely.