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Below you will find documents that you would normally get on back to school night to fill out but ever changing circumstances call for flexibility.  Simply click on the link below to fill out the forms and then email to jmcmellen@mccschools.org

Instructions for mobile device users,

  1. open the forms link
  2. save or download the document to your files/drive
  3. complete the saved form
  4. open your email
  5. attach completed form through the attachment button in you email
  6. email to the address provided above.

Instructions to submit from a PC:

1. Open the forms link and complete the forms
2. Save the document by selecting the printer icon
a. In the "Destination" menu, select "Save as PDF"
3. Open your email
4. attach the saved document using the attachment button in your email
5. email to the address provided above. 

Back to school forms