Mason County Central 

 High School           


MCC Family,

By now we hope that you have had a chance to communicate with our staff on your wellness and on education.  Calls and other means of communication have been made for three weeks.  Our online learning site is in full swing and paper packets are out for students that need them.  We continue to navigate this and make adjustments as needed.  Communication between you and your teachers and advisors is crucial.  We are here to answer your questions and help.  Please ask questions if you have them.  

The majority of this newsletter is for seniors and senior parents.  There is so much that is unknown right now.  With that being said I will give some updates.  It is important to know that nothing is definite.  We continue to follow the order to stay safe and healthy by staying at home and social distancing when out for essentials.  Our end of the year activities such as prom and graduation are still being thought of creatively but we do not know time or place yet or the possibility.  We need to know what we can do and what we cannot do safely and will wait for that information.  Seniors WILL graduate and get diplomas.  We also plan on students receiving the annual student council awards.  The seniors that have earned plaques for the H.G. Bacon awards will also receive them.  Every senior will also receive a free yard sign commemorating the class of 2020 courtesy of Safe Harbor Credit Union.  We ask that you display these in your yard proudly.  Staff will be delivering these to your home.  We also are scheduling a pick up of Jostens products and caps and gowns.  There is a Facebook group out there “adopting” students of Mason County by sending seniors encouragement and support.  If you are interested in looking into this you can search the Facebook page ADOPT A MASON COUNTY SENIOR. Community members want to encourage you through this group. 

We know how hard this is for all of our students, seniors especially.  We ask for your patience as we sort out the items that are listed in the 2nd paragraph.  We have ideas but please be patient as we work through timelines and following the rules of safety and health.  We have not forgotten about these things and hopefully, we can bring something meaningful to you when possible and appropriate.  

Remember that paper learning materials can be picked up at hubs on Thursdays and our online learning site is updated on Sundays after 4 pm.  You can access the site by going to and clicking on the link for online learning.  

Stay safe and healthy, Spartans!

Jeffrey A. Tuka, Principal

Mason County Central High School