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Chris Etchison

Chris Etchison, 6 days ago

Hi Everyone, as we approach the last week of school we have scheduled a day for families to come up to the school for “curbside pick up” to get things their children left at school prior to the mandatory closing. This will be a little tricky as we will need to follow pretty strict safety guidelines that are required of schools to carry out this process.

Here’s what we have planned:

Friday, June 5th between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM at Scottville Elementary. Our teachers and office staff will be present to bring your child’s things out to you. If you’re unable to fit time in that day to pick everything up, you can send someone in your place. They will be asked who you/they’re picking items up for. Please make sure you/they go to the correct location for the grade level(s) your child is in.

Scottville Elementary Pick - Up Locations:

2nd grade parents should pull into the east parking lot down by second grade classrooms. Please stay in your vehicle, we will come to you.

1st grade parents should pull up out front of Scottville Elementary. Please stay in your vehicle, we will come to you.

Kindergarten parents should pull into the west parking lot down by the kindergarten classrooms, please stay in your vehicle, we will come to you.

Parents planning to walk to school are asked to follow social distancing practices and are asked to wear masks. Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves when within 6 feet of our families or each other.

The entire District is planning this process for next Friday. If you have children in other buildings, please check the MCC App or building level social media posts for specific information regarding those buildings.

Have a Great Weekend!

Chris Etchison

Chris Etchison, 17 days ago

Hi everyone, this week we'll be talking about giving back. When you have time please listen to this story, Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed read by a group of children. As you listen, pay attention to the ways that people give back. Tomorrow, we'll talk about what it means to be generous and some of the things people did in the story.

Chris Etchison

Chris Etchison, 24 days ago

Join us for some Birthday Shout Outs" this morning with Mrs. Greiner. Happy Birthday to all those that have celebrated their special day since we have been out of school!!!

Chris Etchison

Chris Etchison, 27 days ago

Here's a great message from Mrs. Greiner. She talks to us about the Zones of Regulation and recognizing which zone we are in so we can choose the correct tools to help us when we have big feelings.