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Kevin Kimes

Kevin Kimes, 6 days ago

Good Morning Spartan Family! We have finally been able to set a date and time for Student Property Pickup (lockers and desks). Friday June 5th, anytime between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, you may drive through the Upper Elementary circle drive and receive curbside service. We will be practicing safety across the board so please do not leave your vehicles and use proper social distancing for those who are walkers. Our staff will come to you, gather information, then retrieve your items which have been secured in plastic bags. Our staff will be using masks, gloves and sanitizer for everyone's safety. No one is allowed in the building for any reason.

Additionally, I'd like to let you know I will be making a short "End of Year Assembly" which will be on the MCC Landing Zone, June 5th. Please schedule time to view as I will be announcing grade level behavior awards, perfect attendance awards, Parent Volunteer of the Year Award, and the prestigious "Courage of Gabe" Award. I will be sending an additional reminder next week. I hope this will be a great way to celebrate the end of a wonderful, yet unique school year!

Until then, stay safe and enjoy the last few days of learning at home, and this amazing Spartan Country weather. Sincerely, Mr. Kimes

Kevin Kimes

Kevin Kimes, about 1 month ago

April is Autism Awareness Month. While we are not together physically, we can still raise awareness through action, thought and praise, for all the beautiful and unique people and families touched by autism. Your courage, patience, and advocacy continues to be influential in bridging gaps of misunderstanding and in providing hope and opportunity.

Let's band together tomorrow, wear something blue, and if you choose... post a pic on your personal social media. This might be an enjoyable way to show pride and support for all those touched by autism......Spartan Style!

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Kevin Kimes

Kevin Kimes, about 1 month ago

Dear MCC Upper Elementary Family,

I hope this notification finds you healthy and doing your best in these challenging times.

I wanted to let you know our MCC Landing Page is going live this coming Thursday, April 23rd. Here you will find suggested weekly learning activities and lessons for your children. The lessons are set up by grade level and subject matter. Please be sure to engage in this work as it is a main goal to keep students moving along academically in meaningful ways.

This Thursday we will also begin distributing paper materials to hubs for parent pickup and mailing them to others. Hopefully the mailings will arrive by Saturday, but surely Monday at the latest. These paper copies are teacher designed, just like the digital Landing Page, and are created to mirror each other. You should all have materials and/or access and be set to begin the week of April 27.

In the Upper Elementary News feed, as well as the district News feed, you will find a link to the Landing Page along with hub locations and bus numbers. Your classroom teachers will be contacting those needing paper copies early this week to provide you with bus numbers and hub locations as well. Feel free to reach out to your teachers for any questions you may have. They will continue contacting you in the weeks to come with the hopes of discussing lessons and activities, and to keep connected with our children.

Finally, we miss you and look forward to getting together again as soon it is healthy and safe to do so. Please email me at or give me a call at (231)-233-3226 if you need me. Take Care, Mr. Kimes

Kevin Kimes

Kevin Kimes, about 1 month ago

Dear MCC UE Families,

As we continue to work on educational plans, your patience is appreciated. Our goals are to create opportunities which are helpful, limit stressors, and keep childrens’ minds engaged in learning and meaningful activities.

A big part of this is reaching out to you in the attempt to help meet your individual needs. Your children’s teachers will be calling you Monday and Tuesday of this coming week to connect and gather information. If you notice a unique phone number, be advised it may be one of our teachers.

We will develop plans for picking up non emergency student items and possessions at a later date, when it’s safe to do so.

Take care and stay safe, Mr. Kimes