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MCC Parents and Students,

As you know we are returning to face-to-face learning on Monday, January 4th.  This is for the students that chose the face-to-face option for the 2nd trimester.  The high school will open its doors at 8:15am and 1st hour begins at 8:25am.  Please remember that all COVID-19  mitigations will still be in place and enforced to keep kids and staff as safe as possible.  This means that masks must be worn and worn properly.  Students will be eating breakfast and lunch in classrooms rather than the cafeteria.  Hand sanitizer will be provided as always and also desks and chairs will be sanitized at the end of class periods.  

As good as it will be to see our students in the high school again, we must face some harsh realities.  Many students did not engage in school online while we were in a learn from home situation.  This would be for the first three (3) weeks of the 2nd trimester.  I say with respect, but truthfully, that the result of this is bad and disappointing.  It seems as if some students felt that this was an early Christmas break, rather than attending classes and doing assignments until break actually began.  This means that students could be three weeks behind in courses or currently failing because of this choice.  If your student (or if you are a student reading this) made these bad choices, you have a very steep hill to climb.  We suggest heavily that you check grades on the parent portal or call the high school office for an update.  I sincerely apologize for being so blunt in my statements.  But, everything stated is true and needs to be addressed.  We have a terribly large number of students that are currently failing classes and it is a real problem for them as a result of complacency.  We are here to help.  Please look at the parent portal and contact teachers and the office with any questions.

If you are a learn from home student that has chosen our Spartan Connected option for the 2nd trimester, you must stay on top of your classes.  We suggest doing one hour of each class every day.  If you are behind in your progress you will actually need to do more than one hour per day.  

As we return on Monday, January 4th please make sure that all students have their chromebook with them and that it is charged.  It is an easy thing to forget to charge it.  Please remember both!

We will be getting important dates to you in the very next edition of this newsletter.  Dates and events are continually changing because of the effect that COVID-19 has had on the school year.  Right now the most important date to know is that the 2nd trimester ends on Friday, March 12th.  Again, some students have a lot of catch up and work to do to get back on track.  The best thing to do is to get right on your school work and not procrastinate. 

We as staff have been eagerly waiting for the return of students and we believe that face-to-face learning is the best option.  We look forward to seeing our students again and are more than ready for teaching and learning.  We hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Stay safe and healthy, Spartans!

Jeffrey A. Tuka, Principal

Mason County Central High School