6th Grade Student-Athlete Involvement

Currently, middle school sports are limited to 7th and 8th-grade students attending MHSAA member schools. There have been recent changes to this policy after a vote conducted with all MHSAA member schools. This announcement is to explain how the recent changes will impact MCC 6th grade students and middle school sports in general.

The changes to allow 6th-grade involvement at the middle school will have the most impact on individual sports (cross country, wrestling, and track). Mason County Central has elected to include any 6th-grade students who wish to participate in the individual sponsored sports at MCC middle school. These 6th-grade students will become part of the existing 7th/8th-grade teams and compete as one, MCC will not organize separate 6th-grade teams. The intent to include 6th graders is to provide more opportunities for students to be involved with interscholastic athletics at an early age.

The recent changes will take on a different role with team sports. Per the MHSAA 6th grade approval, all schools participating in a conference must determine the role 6th-grade students will play in team sports. Within the West Michigan Conference, it was decided that 6th-grade students will have the opportunity to participate on 7th/8th-grade teams “as needed.” The needs of each team will be determined by the Coach and Athletic Director and brought to the West Michigan Conference for approval. Sixth-grade students will only be involved in team sports in circumstances when coaches demonstrate a true need for inclusion of 6th-grade students. A selection process for determining what 6th-grade students will participate is decided by the Coach and Athletic Director. The selection process will be established and provided to all interested MCC 6th grade students prior to the selection taking place. Generally, selection will be based on skill level and the ability to demonstrate readiness to compete at the middle school level.

Any questions and concerns can be directed to Tim Genson, MCC Athletic Director (231)757-4748 ext. 230