Spartan Connected Update


MCC Middle School


MCC Family,

I would like to send out this newsletter to clarify some questions on our online learning platform for MCC Middle School this fall.  There are a lot of questions about our online classes that are provided by a service called E2020.  E2020 is the service for online classes by a company called “Edgenuity.”  We have used E2020 at MCC for most of the last decade for online classes.  If you and/or your child chooses our Spartan Connected  Learn from Home (LFH) option for the fall start of our school year, they would have a full schedule of classes online with E2020.  It is important to know that MCC believes that face to face instruction is the best learning opportunity.  However, we respect decisions that are made by families based on safety and beliefs.  

The students will go to the Edgenuity web page and enter a login and password that will be given to them.  Their class schedule will be on their personal page when they log in.  Here are some bulleted points that may help your understanding:

  • Each student must log in every day and should work on each class every day.

  • E2020 shows your progress in the class compared to where you should be to finish the class by the end of the trimester.

  • The is a parent portal option on E2020 so you can monitor your child’s grade and progress.

  • It is self-paced, which means that you can work on the classes as early in the morning or as late at night as you would like.  It is not an 8:30 am-3:13 pm schedule like traditional school. 

  • You must finish all the classes on your schedule by the end of the first trimester (November 25th).

  • Lessons consist of reading instructional text, watching videos, assignments, and assessments.  

  • Your student will be assigned at teachers from the Middle School that will be available for questions and to open up tests and quizzes for you.  You also must have two-way communication with the teacher  via email or phone.

  • You may choose to go back to face to face learning at the beginning of the 2nd trimester if you wish.  

Please allow me to repeat that MCC feels that face to face instruction is the best way to learn.  We also feel that under the circumstances of COVID-19 that this is a good option for those that would like to choose the Spartan Connected LFH option. 

Stay safe and healthy, Spartans!

Robert  Dennis, Principal

Mason County Central Middle  School