We understand that many of our parents who have chosen the Spartan Connected option want a consistent daily schedule for their child.  We are recommending families follow this schedule starting promptly at 8:30 each morning.  However, we know a morning learning schedule doesn’t work for everyone depending on work schedules.  We’ve combined teacher taught lessons, real-time interaction between teachers and students, opportunities for students to interact with each other, daily teacher accessibility, and uploaded content so students can learn at their own pace and at different times of the day.

This model is designed for students that choose remote learning while we are in Phase 4.  If we are placed back in Phase 3, all 3-5 students will follow this model of learning.  

This learning model will look much different than the on-line work in the spring.  Accountability will be a fundamental part of our children’s learning with this model and solid expectations will be set.  There will exist a solid set of expectations for students and parents to follow so learning can take place through Google Classroom.  

Here is what a day would look like…………..

8:30-9:00  Morning check in and a Social/Emotional Learning activity.  This might be a good time for the children to eat breakfast together if able.

9:00-9:15  LOE (Logic Of English) ……...word study

9:15-9:30  Movement Activity/Bathroom 

9:30-10:00  Reading (Read/Choral/ Whisper) 1 chapter per 2 days (Bookworms)

10:00-10:15  Movement/Bathroom/snack

10:15-10:45  Math- Video/10 min. Lesson (1 lesson per day or on pace with in-person learning)

10:45-11:00  Break and Math questions with teacher

11:00-11:25  Social Studies 3 days per week/ Science 2 days per week

11:25-12:00  Lunch and Recess

12:00-12:30  Writing

12:30-2:30  Google Classroom will be open during this time for any additional questions and small group instruction which may be needed.  

***These lessons will be recorded so if another time frame works better for your family, you can start later.  The idea here is to provide something as similar to a school day for children who really need the routine and structure.  Because Lessons will be recorded, you will be able to skip around to lessons and meet your individual needs also.  There will be deadlines and student accountability.

***Mrs. Schneider, our Student Success Specialist, will be available to meet with students and parents on a daily basis.  She will be available by phone or Google Hangout if necessary.  

***Specials are not offered to Spartan Connected students in phase 4.

***K-5 students choosing Spartan Connected but having connectivity issues will have access to the same content as those with wifi connectivity.  They will receive a Chromebook with all content downloaded onto it, one week at a time.  Each week they will need to return it to school so we can retrieve student work and reloaded content for the next week.   

***Spartan Connected students may check out a chromebook if they need a device while learning remotely.